Red Wheelbarrow - Giclee' Fine Art Prints

Red Wheelbarrow - Giclee' Fine Art Prints


High quality fine art reproductions:


  • Giclee' Art Prints on Velum Print Paper, #140


There is a base fee of $12 with an additional fee for creating the prints. 


Free shipping for Domestic (U.S.) Customers -- Sales Tax added for South Carolina customers.


Ask about shipping prices, framing options, and larger size options here.

  • More Information About Art Prints

    In addition to original paintings there are several print options available: 



    Art prints are shipped flat at no charge.


    They can not be delivered to a P.O. Box, a physical address must be supplied.


    Prints up to the size 16 x 20 will be shipped via USPS, all others will be shipped either UPS or FEDEX whichever is most cost effective.

  • Artist's Statement on Watercolor

    Watercolor is such a fluid medium that very soft or very hard images can be achieved. Colors can be enhanced or muted by varying the amount of water used and the surface it is applied to. Both must be considered when creating with watercolor. My preferred surfaces are Arches watercolor paper or gessoed white board. Both surfaces will give the painting very different characteristics that can be used to captivate the viewer.


    Many artists use this medium to create photograph realistic paintings but I prefer to interpret what I see and use color and form to convey the image and my feelings to the viewer.