I grew up with a fishing rod and a shotgun in my hands. I have fished a good portion of the streams and lakes in New Jersey for trout and largemouth bass. Since I was at the shore, my father took me out fishing just about every weekend. We fished Rarity Bay all the way from Staten Island to Sandy Hook and the Atlantic Ocean for various species of fish.


I was always drawn to the fresh water streams and lakes because whenever I went I would find other adventures watching wildlife that came to the water to feed. (As an aside, I also learned ducks that live near fresh water taste better than those from saltier areas.)


My love of the outdoors has always influenced the things I paint and during my youthful forays afield I would always see barns and farmhouses that no longer exist today. At the time, I often wondered how they were still standing. That is where my passion comes from. The texture and colors found in old barn wood and sidings and the metal roofs that rusted all inspire me to paint. I feel like I am preserving history.